Paneless Window Cleaning FAQ

Answers to Common Questions

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+ Are you insured?
We get this question a lot and it's one you should ask of any contractor you are hiring for your home or place of business. Yes, we are fully insured and bonded. Plus, all Paneless Window Cleaning employees are covered by Workman's Comp.
+ How much does professional window cleaning cost?
Exterior window cleaning for a medium-size house (1,501 to 3,000 square feet) runs about $125 from Paneless Window Cleaning. A bit less to do the interior windows. See our handy reference chart to get an idea of how much your home would be. Business rates vary depending upon the size and height of the building(s), size and number of windows, and of course, frequency of cleaning required. For a quick estimate, see our pricing page. You can call us at 815-540-0421 or submit our online form for a more precise quote.
+ How do you get up there?
We have different tools and techniques for different jobs - from extension poles and ladders (for up to about 30') to ropes, harnesses and boatswain chairs that we repel down or lower from the roof (for heights up to 130’). On certain commercial jobs, we may also use a man-lift or cherry picker.
+ Is it true window washers just use dishwashing liquid to clean windows?
No! Paneless Window Cleaning uses specially-formulated, professional window cleaning agents that are safe for people and pets, and leave your windows crystal clear.
+ How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?
It depends upon several factors, including the time of year. Please call us at 815-540-0421 to check our current availability.
+ Do you do pressure washing?
Yes, Paneless Window Cleaning also does pressure washing and gutter cleaning. In fact, we can even dust off your chandelier or ceiling fan. Just let us know what you need done when you call.
+ Is your window cleaning work guaranteed?
Absolutely, Paneless Window Cleaning offers a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely delighted with your windows.